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As a competent SAP consulting and software development company with a focus on SAP technology, cross application services, integration, automation, archiving and security, we are the central contact for customers when it comes to setting up, expanding and operating hybrid IT landscapes.

Since 2008, the nexQuent Group has been offering bundled knowledge, decades of expertise from experts in various fields of SAP technology consulting/architecture and its own equally experienced and solid application development. This combination, combined with the claim to always provide our customers with the best technological, but also the most economical solution, is the basis for our success and our continuous growth.



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managed SAP-Systems

The expert team of the nexQuent Group – the nexPerts – deliver solution-oriented and efficient services and integrative processes for all topics around S/4HANA & HANA-DB, SAP Business Suite, Cloud Services, Data Management & Archiving, User Lifecycle and Access Management, Integration Scenarios, Process and System Automation. For us, it doesn’t matter where your systems run or who operates them. Whether it’s your own data center, classic housing or hosting scenarios, modern hyperscaler solutions or already in hybrid operation – we are familiar with all environments and know what matters when it comes to building, optimizing and operating future-proof system landscapes.

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For many customers, probably one of the most pressing issues is the migration, integration and transitionpaths between SAP Business Suite applications, SAP S/4HANA on-premise and SAP S/4HANA cloud. This triangle and its relationship to cloud-based solutions must be planned precisely from the initialization phase to the completion of a project and later transferred to operational use. In doing so, we don’t reinvent the wheel, but rely on proven methodologies to produce delivery results on target with budgets, quality and deadlines in mind. We listen to our customers’ wishes, match them with our experience and work out benefits and risks in order to reach the defined goal together.

When building the business case for a migration, they must always consider implementing proven best practices to reduce the overall cost of such a migration. For example, one such best practice is archiving SAP data prior to migration. SAP charges for HANA based on volume. The more data you have to process, the more expensive it becomes. There is also a performance aspect involved – old data that is rarely used should be archived to ensure good performance for SAP HANA. A third point is the legislation around the EU-DSGVO and the related solution Information Lifecycle Management (ILM). With ILM, we ensure that the personal data in your SAP landscape is recognized and locked or deleted after certain periods of time – and, of course, digitized and automated.

Digital transformation drives many new business models, new ways of working and new collaboration and communication with customers and partners. Full end-to-end integration between applications, processes and people, as well as sensors or machines are critical to the success of any business. Integration and automation  as the cornerstone for digital transformation is therefore a supporting pillar of the strategy of our offering.

Our actions focus on both economic efficiency and flexibility and, above all, on future-proofing the operation. Our success is strengthened by a first-class partner network. We rely on the well-known players of the scene such as SAP, Microsoft, PBS and Neptune-Software. The nexQuent Group aligns its own products and services with the solutions of its renowned partners to provide the customer with the experience of a service-oriented architecture.

We are looking forward to common challenging tasks and support you at any time in an organized and secure operation!

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