Why hard when it’s easy, why complicated when it’s easy

nexQuent has been dealing with IT/SAP processes around the technology, the “basis”, as it was called in former times, for many years. Thereby it was and is always our drive not only to solve, implement, install/provide something simply but also to make everything around it as simple and efficient as possible.

Our application development is also based on this principle. That’s why back in 2012 we started looking at ways to make SAP processes “look and feel” different.

Now it’s about much more in the meantime. We and our customers are moving more and more into hybrid system worlds. This means that data and processes must be made available across a wide range of operating systems, database technologies and technological infrastructures, which the end users can use efficiently and conclusively – depending on the task – even with the most diverse end devices. And this should also be fun!

We deliver the perfect environment with our knowledge and experience combined with the Neptune DX-Platform. We accompany you on your “customer journey” and you determine where the journey goes, how fast the goal should be reached. And there are no limitations. Take the best of both worlds and unify them on the Neptune DX Platform. Wherever data and processes come from, wherever they need to be “written” and processed. And do it all with interfaces your users will love.

Neptune DX-Platform –develop your business apps with ease and in days

Use Neptune as a rapid application development platfrom and create any application on a low-code basis.
The Neptune DX Platform (Neptune DXP) enables your IT team to modernize and digitize business processes very quickly. Manage the ever-changing requirements of increasingly hybrid system landscapes and accelerate enterprise mobility. With the Neptune DX Platform, optimize the digital experience and enhance API-based integration capabilities with proprietary low-code app developments.
Integrative techniques enable seamless adoption and integration of existing SAP business logic, augmented and extended with REST services from any other source, unified in modern apps and made available for use in intuitive interfaces.
The Neptune DX Platform delivers everything needed in one platform. From the actual development tools to interfaces and the administration of apps, users and authorizations to the deployment via various possibilities (e.g. as PWA or integrated into Neptune’s own launchpads, freely adaptable to customer requirements).

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Unify SAP and all your IT under one UX (interface).

Integrate SAP with Microsoft Azure, Salesforce and Oracle and transform fragmented SAP systems into a new, unified experience.
nexQuent has been a Neptune partner since 2012 and has successfully developed, supported and consulted with many of our customers since then. Since 2013, we have also developed and successfully deployed DSS-DUR (Dynamic User Request), as a standrad product on the Neptune DX Platform.
With our own development team, we have developed a large number of apps with the Neptune DX Platform and are happy to contribute our know-how and cross-industry expertise to you as well.

Don’t hesitate – start your digitization now!

Do you already have initial ideas about the digitization of applications and processes and would like to speak directly to an expert? Would you like a PoC (proof of concept) to see if the Neptune DX platform is the right solution for you? Call in now, we will be happy to talk with you!

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