Savento Tower & Archive Manager

Automatization of SAP data archiving – efficient monitoring, documentation, and execution

With the migration to S/4 HANA or the implementation of the GDPR and the introduction of SAP ILM, the number of archiving runs in most companies is rising significantly. For this reason, auditors are increasingly paying attention to the traceability of the archiving processes. Unfortunately, the SAP system does not offer the necessary instruments to collect all actions and settings quickly and easily to store them permanently and to prepare them clearly.

With the product Savento Tower, which also contains the Archive Manager, the nexQuent group provides a lean and inexpensive solution for an easy implementation as well as automated documentation of archiving processes.

Advantages of the Savento Tower

  • ABAP solution fully integrated in SAP
  • Automated creation and permanent storing of documentation reports for data archiving runs
  • Archiving runs and their status are displayed in the Tower cockpit at one glance
  • Persistent storing of system and customizing settings, runtimes, spools, and job logs at the time of archiving sessions
  • Low costs as well as significant savings on manual routine activities

Advantages of the Archive Manager

  • Simplified and automated creation of variants & jobs for data archiving
  • Dependency checks (sequence of archiving objects, residence time, etc.)
  • Automated sending of mails when jobs are started/completed as well as in case of an error
  • Flexible customizing for adapting to customer-specific requirements

Further information:

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