Whether for S/4HANA, Business Suite
or Cloud, our 4 thematic areas
are the key to your technological success!

The Hybrid Solution Experts of the nexQuent Group deliver needs-based solutions and act as an interface to upstream and downstream business units. The nexQuent services and products cover the needs of your customers’ technology architecture and offer methods for operating the system landscape or application architecture and integrating them into the company.

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SAP Technology & Cross Application Services

The basis of your SAP operations: managing technology projects and transferring them to operations. As a full-service provider, we know the SAP layers from infrastructure to SAP technology components to applications. Our project and service support is transparent and sustainable and is carried out using proven and up-to-date technologies.  We rely on a hybrid mix of methodical approaches (such as SAP Activate), ITIL-compliant services and an agile, hands-on approach (Scrum). We are available to you 24/7 via our Follow-the-Sun offering.

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Infrastructure, Integration & Automation

Integration of cloud services, on-premise applications, B2B and B2G communications, is nowadays a standard part of an agile IT system landscape. Scalable IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions are straightforward to deploy to respond to business changes. We connect applications, processes and people quickly and easily. You gain additional efficiency gains by using the nexQuent Cloud Automation Engine. The SaaS solution for managing a hybrid infrastructure and automating operations and tasks across system boundaries.

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SAP Data Management & Archiving / ILM

Maintain control over the volume of data and processing of personal data in your SAP systems. Our team of experts optimizes their systems by means of data management and data archiving for S/4 HANA. Furthermore, it helps with the implementation of requirements of current EU-DSGVO as well as system decommissioning of SAP systems. The migration of archive and storage systems is yet another topic of interest altogether.

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Security & User Lifecycle Management

Safety First. We are experts in the areas of security, SAP authorizations, access control and user administration in the ABAP, JAVA, Fiori and Cloud environment. In addition to flexible support and project services in these areas, our own software solution offers efficiency and structure. Audit-proof procedures and processes guarantee our customers a high level of SAP platform security and compliance with basic IT protection regulations in accordance with BSI APP 4.2 and 4.3. “User lifecycle management at it’s best”. Modern and intuitive with SAPUI5 based interfaces.

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Customer reviews

See what our customers have to say

“We have been working closely and trustfully with nexQuent in the area of user lifecycle management for several years now. In addition to the managed service in the day-to-day business “user and authorization management”, nexQuent has also always implemented some other SAP base activities very leanly and efficiently.  Even in complex processes such as international rollouts in the authorization environment, we are very well supported by nexQuent and its experts. We use the product DSS-DUR-Dynamic User Request with clearly noticeable success in a large part of the company and will successively roll this out further in the Group as part of our “SAP Digital Access Management” project.”

STADA Arzneimittel AG

Markus Damm

Director – Finance Digital Transformation

„The migration of the archived SAP data to AWS Cloud was prepared and accompanied in a very professional way by the experts of nexQuent Savento. With the help of the applied software solution Savento Migration Suite, the project proceeded smoothly and exactly according to our expectations.“


Christoph Lessau,

SAP Basis Components Manager

„After comparisons with several software solutions, we decided on the product DUR-Dynamic User Request from nexQuent. To be on the safe side, we carried out a proof of concept. In the process, nexQuent completely convinced us not only with their product DUR itself, but also with their expertise in the area of consulting and development, as well as their speed and flexibility in many other aspects of cooperation.“

Thomas Knötzsch

Group Manager SAP-Basic and IT Infrastructure Services

We are very pleased that with DSR–Dynamic Security Recording– we have a quickly implementable and highly efficient solution that significantly supports us in role and authorization management and GRC topics.“

BwFuhrparkService GmbH

“In the PoC (proof of concept) for the Neptune DX platform with the corresponding implementations, as well as in the now upcoming extensions, we have experienced nexQuent as a partner who implements development orders very quickly and efficiently – from the first design idea to the finished app – and always works reliably and professionally with us. In this respect, we look forward to many further and joint projects in the environment of our digitalization.”

VRM Logistics GmbH

Alexandra Räder

Head of delivery logistics

„When evaluating a streamlined and easy-to-use solution for the emergency user concept, we decided on nexQuent’s DEA – Dynamic Emergency Access. With DEA, we have an easy-to-use and secure solution for our emergency process in our SAP system. We particularly like the integrated reporting. Here we document our processes quickly, comprehensively and clearly, so that, for example, in the event of an audit by the auditors, even six months later, 100% traceability is still guaranteed.“

Müller Service GmbH

Jürgen Warnck

„After a long search, we have found an instrument with DSR–Dynamic Security Recording that exactly meets our requirements for more transparency and control regarding our authorization administration. We can now perform ad-hoc analyses of roles or users from a central point and greatly automate ongoing reporting. Furthermore, we see DSR as an optimal support when it comes to introducing new processes or modules and setting up or adapting the corresponding authorizations functionally.“


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About Us

About nexQuent

As a group of companies, nexQuent has been offering bundled knowledge, decades of expertise from experts in various fields of SAP technology consulting/architecture and its own equally experienced and solid application development since 2008. This combination, combined with ways to provide the best technological yet most economical solution for our customers is the basis for our success and growth.

What makes nexQuent special?

  • Young international and global team combined with senior experts and decades of experience
  • Highly ambitious & motivated – broad and deep experience in numerous projects
  • We know the trends! Always in focus: Technology/Architecture + Cost-effectiveness
  • Scalable solution packages: From technical full-service provider to small managed services packages.
  • We roll up our sleeves. Our motto: “Through the struggle into the game!”

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The latest in SAP and S/4 HANA operations management

Many new technologies and ever faster cycles – also driven by SAP itself – make it difficult to keep track and, above all, to keep an overview. What is necessary and crucial for me and my specific business(model)? Where are there obstacles and alternatives? We would be happy to discuss all these questions with you and our experts.

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Unsere Dienstleistungen

When was the last time you actually ran a backup and recovery test on your critical systems?

Regular backups are the backbone of a company survival strategy, the insurance that in the event of server failure, hardware damage or human error productive systems will greatly mitigate loss.
Those who fail to execute their business continuity planning or subject it to a trial by fire are not truly prepared.

Disaster recovery testing still has room for improvement across all industries and company sizes. If you’ve backed up your data without an error message you’re nowhere near halfway towards restoration. Damage control in the aftermath of damage is increasingly difficult – especially if backup problems were not correctly identified.

Conclusion: Don’t just back up, do a restore in between to make sure that a disaster recovery really works. Contact us and we will identify any weak points in your backup concept, design a future-proof backup and recovery strategy and optimize your entire system operation.

How many systems in your system landscape are online 24/7, oversized and rarely used?

Even the provision of a small, non-critical SAP test or development system costs several thousand euros in provisioning costs and a 5-digit amount in technical operating costs per year at classic German standard hosting data centers – just to keep the system up and functioning. In addition, there is a lead time of weeks until anything happens at all.

Test – and development systems rarely need to run 24/7 or 24/5. If these systems are subjected to a corresponding analysis, it quickly becomes apparent that these systems are not being utilized nd only have a certain frequency at certain times.
In particular within the SAP environment the function of a new client is disregarded and another test system is set up. New functions of the “New Client Copy Tools” (SCCLN) are often unknown and rarely if ever used.

The architecture and IT landscape experts of the nexQuent Group demonstrate models of a hybrid system environment that will save you resources and time. Take advantage of our expertise to choose a contemporary approach where you don’t have to give out your company’s productive and protectable data and can operate upstream systems agilely and cost-effectively in the cloud. Anonymization of real data is, of course, also part of our daily business.

Business continuity, resources on demand and fully automated restore tests

What does your concept for an effective but lean emergency data center look like? Does such a plan even exist? Evaluate with us the impact on your business applications in the event an unexpected incident occurs.

A possible K-case in an IT infrastructure should be well planned. Without a plan B, you put your business continuity at risk. We offer modern solutions for the emergency that can occur at any time. Anyone who follows the aftermath of our industry knows that attacks on supposedly stable system landscapes are not uncommon. Attackers are often one step ahead even in well-secured environments – and a robust backup system must be in place should an incident occur. Modern IT services require high performance in the data center in terms of stability and agility.

Even well-planned processes, such as system maintenance or migration projects, can block regular operational business. However, the continuity of corporate IT services must be ensured in any case. This is where the concept of “business continuity and disaster recovery management” comes into play. Data center failures must be minimized to the greatest extent possible.

The nexQuent Group offers a solution that represents a mature cloud recovery scenario. This cost-effective, resource-saving and technically mature service solves your business continuity requirements and has clear advantages over conventional solutions. The actual compute costs are only incurred in the event of a failover. In short this solution will greatly mitigate the risks of an attack.

SAP on Azure – what can this mean for me?

  • Hybrid operation
  • Agile Server Landscapes
  • End 2 End automation
  • Restoretests