The Pragmatic Scanning Interface

Many SAP® users experience this problem: if documents need to be scanned and linked in SAP®, generally an expensive scan solution with an interface to SAP® is required. In many cases, scanned pages are even charged by volume. Especially when processing mass data this can result in high costs, even though only basic functions are used (e.g. barcode recognition). Additionally, these solutions are limited with respect to their flexibility and require a time-consuming maintenance.

With the Savento Transporter nexQuent Savento offers a lean and inexpensive project solution, which is neither charged volume-based nor does it require a separate server. Only an additional low-cost scan client without SAP® connection is required to perform the pure scanning task. With this approach most of the standard scan scenarios in SAP® can be implemented. In addition, the modular design of the Transporter enables flexible adaptation to customer-specific requirements.



  • The Transporter is the interface between the file system and SAP®/Archive system
  • It handles the entire communication with SAP®
  • The functionality of the Transporter is not only limited to archiving and connecting to the SAP® system, but can also encompass different processing steps, like the conversion of document formats or the extraction of metadata from the documents to be stored

…Not only for scanned documents!

Savento Transporter

was developed as a solution package for archiving documents in SAP®.

However, it is not limited to a scan scenario, but can also be
applied for many other use cases, like:

  • Interfacing of multiple systems for the purpose of data exchange
  • Migration/import of non-SAP® documents into SAP®
  • Storage of documents together with metadata in SAP® DMS
  • Storage of documents in SAP® over the intranet or via e-mail
  • Conversion of documents before archiving

The fields of application are numerous!



  • Simple handling for users and efficient error control
  • Flexible architecture for many different use cases
  • Support for several operating systems (Java)
  • High-speed solution but low resource consumption
  • No dedicated server required
  • Connection to any archive system possible


This solution package reflects the many years of experience nexQuent Savento has accumulated in quite a few SAP® archiving projects. Besides the provision of the software, we will guide you right from the conception phase through the integration phase along with any custom enhancements that may be required.


nexQuent Savento is your partner for the professional and efficient implementation of archiving projects. We look forward to receiving your requests and shall be pleased to help you by adjusting the coverage and content of the solution package to meet your requirements.