SAP Password Reset and Unlock – Simple and Efficient

Up to 90% of ticket volume in user service or help desk is linked to password reset or unlock requests.

Depending on the process design, this technically trivial task can easily take 10-15 minutes per process. More importantly the process entails a “downtime” for the end user. Extrapolated to a working year, this quickly results in considerable expenses that can otherwise be avoided or reduced.

Use DPR – Dynamic Password Reset to significantly reduce the workload of the service department and free up staff and technical resources for priority tasks.

Use Case

You had a great vacation and it was over after three weeks, but so good that now – sitting on the sofa – you know what you don’t know anymore, namely your password.

So first thing on Monday morning you post a ticket and request a new password or after three attempts – maybe I remember it after all – you also request an unlock. By contrast DPR – Dynamic Password Reset you solve the problem yourself – while still at home – in a nutshell.


  • Fast access to the application no matter with which end device
  • Integration into the Business Technology Platform (BTP)
  • Automatically generated password via SMS or push notification to your smartphone

Download here


  • “Ready To Run” in minutes, 100% integrated with SAP, classic delivery transports
  • Cross-device capable – runs directly on PC, tablet or even smartphones without customization (operating system independent)
  • Simple, intuitive user interface
  • Internal check for e.g. administrator lockout
  • Anonymous password reset possible
  • Integration into DSS Launchpad (Dynamic Security Suite) and compatibility with other self-service apps (e.g. master data changes)