Savento Archive Migration

Savento Migration Suite

Certified Software Solution for the Support of Archive Migrations

nexQuent Savento, as a team of specialists for archiving in the SAP environment, has comprehensive project experience in the implementation of archive migrations. The resulting solution package does not only include consultancy services, but also flexible software tools, to ensure the efficient and safe realization of such projects in the individual customer environment. The software tools are certified by one of the largest German auditing firms.

The usage of nexQuent Savento‘s Migration Suite offers the following advantages:

  • Standard-based migration tools in the SAP system for documents (ArchiveLink, KPro), print lists and ADK files
  • Robust migration programs, e.g., restart option if jobs are aborted
  • Ensuring the consistency and integrity of migrated documents (comparison of metadata and comparison of MD5 checksums)
  • Parallel running of migration jobs to reduce total run time of migration
  • Automated job planning taking account of maintenance windows
  • Observance of compliance requirements through detailed logging and documentation

Benefit from our experience as experts and use the Savento Migration Suite in the course of a migration project that is accompanied by nexQuent Savento.

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