It is a familiar problem that SAP databases increase in size dramatically over a period of time. This often results in negative consequences in relation to costs, performance, and operational aspects. A database analysis undertaken by nexQuent Savento can achieve complete transparency for the entire volume of the database. Additionally, according to the SAP objects, the distribution of data volume per fiscal year is calculated. This makes it possible to determine the year-on-year development of the data volume and, for example, derive a capacity plan for the future. The analysis provides answers to the following questions: Which objects should be prioritized as part of an archiving project? Which data can be archived or deleted? Which cost savings can be achieved by this method?

Based on the database analysis, the experts of nexQuent Savento develop and implement a customer-specific strategy for archiving and reorganization. By doing so, the archive add-ons of our long-standing partner PBS Software GmbH can also be integrated.

Our software Savento Tower offers an audit-proof solution for documentation of your archiving runs and with the enhancement Archive Manager a significant simplification of operations for the execution of the archiving.

The savings potentials through data archiving can also be used for the preparation for SAP S/4 HANA.

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