The EU GDPR – European General Data Protection Regulation – has been legally valid since May 25, 2018 and the two-year period of grace granted by the regulatory authorities has long since expired. For this reason, the implementation of the GDPR requirements should be addressed quickly and goal-oriented. Unfortunately, there is no ready-to-implement blueprint solution because every company has different data processing operations concerning personal data.

With our GDPR/SAP ILM analysis, we deliver and establish the necessary framework for the subsequent technical implementation. In addition to SAP ILM, we can also present and introduce complementary or alternative solutions from partners upon request. In this way, we offer to perform the anonymization of your data, especially in test systems, as part of the GDPR realization. For the rollout of SAP ILM, our nexPerts have developed an effective project methodology in various customer projects. Based on many years of experience, we are thus able to implement SAP ILM and anonymization solutions with a short project duration.

  • Search for personal data in SAP tables (and customer-specific tables)
  • Prioritization of critical application areas
  • System requirements of SAP ILM and an ILM-enabled archiving system
  • Possible interfaces to be considered (e.g., Webshop)
Joint Workshop
  • Presentation of analysis results
  • Technical solution concept of SAP ILM with live demonstration
  • Handling of personal data in test environments
Implementation of SAP ILM
  • Joint creation of an ILM rule set
  • Checkup of relevant SAP ILM notes
  • Addition of customer-specific enhancements, if required (e.g., additional ILM applications)
  • Suggestions for optimizations of the data pool for successful blocking and destruction
  • Support for authorizations
  • Performance optimizations (e.g., blocking and destruction reports)
  • Testing of ILM-compliant WebDAV interface by means of suitable test reports

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