Simple and Efficient Emergency User Management

100% Integrable into SAP 

An emergency user enables the temporary takeover of tasks that lie outside the actual field of activity.

Our Dynamic Emergency Access (DEA) solution enables a lean and revision-compliant usage and logging of these emergency users. As an add-on that can be 100% integrated into SAP it enables transparent and lean emergency user administration, including evaluations and automatic notification, at one interface.

DEA is divided into three areas:
  • Administration
  • Application
  • Report

Use Case

Imagine your key user is suddenly ill or on vacation, but an emergency occurs, calling for urgent important and quick changes to be made to the system. With the help of an emergency user with extended rights, these changes can be applied swiftly without the user having permanent rights. After the necessary change is made and the emergency user is stopped the emergency user is locked, all open sessions are terminated, and a new password is set for the emergency user.

Your benefit:

  • Simple and efficient emergency user management
  • Transparent and lean emergency user administration
  • Audit-compliant use and logging in one place
  • Evaluations and automatic notification


  • When an emergency user session is started, the appropriate party receives a notification alert about the start of the session.
  • A notification email is sent to the responsible person once the session is closed.
  • From the time of logout the full report on the emergency user session is made available for retrieval in reporting.