Securing SAP Compliance & Security also in the SAP HANA environment.

The topics of segregation of duties and access protection/security continue to be a priority to IT managers. still the TOP topics that IT managers are concerned with. With the introduction and migration to S/4 HANA, these topics take on a greater importance. Older SAP systems introduced years or even decades ago given their corresponding role and rights concepts must be fundamentally rethought and revised. Both the analysis and the “hardening” of the new roles require a tool-based approach.

With DSR – Dynamic Security Recording, you get the 360-degree view you need, analyze conflicts quickly and leanly, and build the risk and control matrix you need to ensure your new authorization concept remains stable and secure.

You want more? Then integrate DSR into our digital user lifecycle management: DUR – Dynamic User Request or provide a dashboard for the business departments with DSR-sMaRT to carry out conflict handling (mitigations) themselves and directly.

The DSR approach 

The proprietary conflict editor with ready-to-use check sets for all common check fields (Order to Cash, Purchase to Pay, General Ledger and many more), as well as the 100% integration into SAP, as a true SAP add-on, make checks not only efficient but also absolutely transparent. The insight out of the conflict – down to object and field value level – are crucial for an analysis. Cross-Checks, a recording function, as well as the consideration of the actually executed transactions up to cross-system simulations consist of the final elements of  “toolbox” for the daily user and authorization administration.

The implementation 

Import the SAP transports, load the licensed rule sets using our own import function and connect the desired SAP systems to DSR – Dynamic Security Recording – done! Our Data Collection Report then fetches the user and authorization data automatically and cyclically via batch job. You can start directly with your analyses and checks.

Appropriate overviews are available for evaluations for the specialist department. Executed authorizations (mitigations) can be stored permanently and do not have to be reviewed each time.

The experts have extensive further reporting options to efficiently handle the daily requirements and tasks in user and authorization management, as well as to be able to respond effectively to requests.

Through usage analysis it is possible to define and evaluate critical transactions in addition to conflicts.

The possible integration into our digital application procedure and user lifecycle management- the DUR – Dynamic User Request – provides the security during the creation of an authorization request that no conflicting rights exist and are approved. This is the only way to implement the necessary and required process consistency.

Further Information:

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  • 100% integrated in SAP
  • 360 degree view
  • Conflict editor, transparent evaluation results with drill function down to field value level
  • Simple adaptation and extension of delivered check rules, high transparency
  • Recorder function for automated creation of sample roles or transfers to the Conflict editor
  • Extensive standard reporting
  • Integration into Digital Application Management (DUR)
  • SAPUI5 Dashboard App (DSR-sMaRT) for the provision/editing of checks and details in the specialist department

Your benefit

  • Ready to run in hours
  • Fast amortization
  • Fulfillment of internal and external requirements (compliance, audit, ext. audit firms, legal standards and regulations)
  • Secure and transparent processes
  • Extensive integration and extension options for process optimization

The DSR-sMaRT Add-On Module

With the DSR add-on module DSR-sMaRT the departments can be directly integrated for review processes.  The storage of exceptions (mitigations) or the display of role overviews/assignments can be handled or triggered from a clear and self-explanatory dashboard. DSR-sMaRT is a SAPUI5-based app that can be provided by DUR either as a standalone or to be integrated in the launchpad.

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