NAA – Nearline Analytic Archive

With the product NAA from our partner company PBS Software GmbH, we can support you in maintaining transactional access to your ERP data after a switch to S/4 HANA and at the same time reducing licensing & operating costs. The solution can be implemented with low project effort and ensures that after the SAP system decommissioning, the business interrelationships remain. Reporting of legacy data is performed are performed in the new S/4 landscape via familiar SAP display transactions, configurable queries or programmable reports.

Our approach:

The legacy data is extracted from one or more ERP systems (database & archive data) and transferred to a so-called nearline database using a validated procedure. The underlying database (SAP IQ), which is a kind of side-car database, is column-based and very performant. It is the customer’s choice if the nearline database is operated on-premise in an own data center or at low cost by nexQuent in the Azure cloud.

During the transmission, all data (customizing, master, and transaction data) is transferred from the legacy system. The ERP data/tables are completely saved in their original state to the nearline database and can then be retrieved and displayed in S/4 without affecting the new HANA database. In this way, you create the prerequisites for decommissioning your ERP systems that are no longer in productive use.

All you need is a current S/4HANA system that is connected to the NAA nearline database. Users then access legacy data from this S/4 system using familiar SAP standard transactions. Thus, neither a system change nor training efforts are required.

Advantages of our solution for system decommissioning:
  • Low implementation and administration effort
  • Broad scope of application: NAA infrastructure can be provided in the Azure cloud or on-premise
  • Flexible data analysis possible that can be extended at any time: in addition to the transactions/reports that are provided, ad hoc queries as well as customer-specific programs (use of an API) can be created
  • High level of data protection: access to data and documents is (German) GoBD-compliant and in accordance with a GDPR concept
  • Future-proof: data is always accessed via an up-to-date S/4 system
  • Low costs: inexpensive license model, especially in comparison to the SAP ILM RW solution or the continued operation of the legacy system in read-only mode
  • No user training required
  • Free software test as part of a proof of concept

PBS NAA is a very innovative solution approach to system decommissioning.
If you are interested, please contact us and arrange an appointment with one of our nexPerts to present the NAA solution.

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