nexQuent is CSP- (Cloud Solution Provider) Reseller

We are constantly evolving and looking for new ways and solutions to expand and optimize the services we offer to our customers. As part of this continuous improvement process, we discovered a great new opportunity to provide a better service to our customers and jumped at the chance.

For a better customer service and to offer more benefits to our customers, we decided to become a CSPreseller (Cloud Solution Provider reseller).

What is CSP?

Cloud-based solutions or hybrid models are in the front and center of business planning structures. In this context the Cloud Solution Provider is a Microsoft third-party program. It is designed to simplify cloud-based business with the customer for enterprises. The third-party program from Microsoft makes it possible to implement the complete cloud strategy from licensing to managing service with one provider and one contact person.

Important Advantages:

Favorable Conditions:

Our new position as a CSP reseller allows us to offer our customers more favorable conditions for their (Azure) subscription. The benefits for our customers are immediately apparent. Not only is it easier on our customers’ wallets, but they can also take advantage of all the Microsoft product benefits.

Everything from a  SINGLE source:

As a CSP reseller our customers receive everything from a single source. Whether invoices, inquiries or the provision of subscriptions, we are the point of contact for all concerns. Through this “one-stop shop” approach, we simplify processes for our customer and deepen customer relationships. We eliminate unnecessary confusion and ambiguity in responsibilities for the customer.

Attractive Bundles:

Our new position as a CSP Reseller allows us to offer attractive bundles of services, products and Microsoft products/cloud services. These bundles can be uniquely tailored to our customers in order to offer the best solution for their individual requirements and issues.

Overarching Invoice for all services:

Due to the “one-stop shop” approach, customers receive one invoice for all booked federal from services, nexQuent products and Microsoft products/cloud services from us as the provider. This allows us to reducethe administrative burden for our customers and prevent potential confusion.

Have we sparked your interest as a CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) reseller or do you still have questions?

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