Ten-year anniversary of a successful partnership: Neptune Software and nexQuent GmbH

Hände (Partnerschaft)

The partnership between Neptune Software and nexQuent started a decade ago. Let’s look back at the beginning and the extremely positive development over the past years.

Very early on, nexQuent was looking for a partner on the market to provide its SAP add-ons with new functions and interfaces. So nexQuent came across the young company Neptune Software, founded in Oslo in 2011. Frank Hasemann, the founder and managing director of nexQuent, and the three founders of Neptune Software, Andreas Grydeland Sulejewski, Ole-André Haugen and Njal Stabel, quickly realized that it was not only a technical fit. They were also on the same wavelength personally. Thus, nexQuent became the first distributor and implementation partner of Neptune Software in the DACH-region in August 2012. In his function as partner manager, Mr. Hasemann actively supported Neptune Software to find further companies for a partnership.

A successful partnership in the past and today

In the early years, it was a big challenge to establish a Scandinavian software in an almost closed SAP market. In 2013, Mr. Hasemann initiated a first appearance of Neptune Software at the DSAG annual congress. From then on, the joint and successful entry into the SAP customer market in the DACH region quickly picked up speed.

In the meantime, Neptune Software has become a global player with many unique selling points. The Neptune DX-Platform is a true and 100% integrated rapid application development platform for SAP and non-SAP systems. Furthermore, the Neptune DX-Platform supports the no-code and low-code development approach. Worldwide, more than 660 customers with 4 million licensed end users use the Neptune DX-Platform or the applications developed with it.

Even after all these years, nexQuent distributes the Neptune DX-Platform, consults companies and offers with the DSS (Dynamic Security Suite) an own standard solution developed on Neptune. With DSS, customers receive a digital and central user lifecycle management solution to implement administration and authorizations with “Fiori-liken” applications. Ready-made processes and interfaces enable a “ready to runin just a few days. Using the own admin app, interfaces and processes/workflows within the DSS are individually customizable on a no-code basis. With its own APIs and interfaces, DSS can be integrated into SAP and non-SAP system landscapes in hybrid environments as required.

In the future, nexQuent will continue to rely on its proven partnership with Neptune Software. So we can provide customers with innovative and modern solutions.

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