Identifying potential savings

It is a familiar problem that SAP® databases increase in size dramatically over a period of time. This often results in negative consequences in relation to costs, performance and operational aspects. A database analysis undertaken by nexQuent Savento can achieve complete transparency for the entire volume of the database, with its total of more than 90,000 tables. As an initial step, using an analysis tool specifically developed for this purpose by nexQuent Savento named Savento DBInsight, the detailed distribution of the storage capacity allocated to the SAP® objects is calculated.



The nexQuent Savento solution package for database analysis provides answers to the following questions:

  • In which areas are most of the data currently located?
  • Where is the greatest data growth?
  • How should the database capacity be planned?
  • Which objects should be prioritized as part of an archiving project?
  • Which data can be archived or deleted?
  • Which cost savings can be achieved by this method?


Quick reaction to volume growth

In the second step of the nexQuent Savento database analysis, the data volume per fiscal year is calculated according to the SAP® objects:

This makes it possible to determine the year-on-year development of the data volume and, for example, derive a capacity plan for the future. For longterm operations, regularly-performed analyses can provide valuable insights into growth and the consequences of newly-introduced applications. The efficient conduct of the analysis with numerous graphical evaluations means that nexQuent Savento can offer this service at a reasonable price.


nexQuent Savento

is your partner for the professional and efficient implementation of archiving projects. We look forward to receiving your requests and shall be pleased to help you by adjusting the coverage and content of the solution package to meet your requirements.

This solution package reflects the many years of experience nexQuent Savento has accumulated in numerous SAP® archiving projects. It extends beyond the immediate database analysis and also includes consultancy advice on worthwhile measures in the customer-specific situation.