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Due to increasing amount of data in most of the companies and the growing Compliance demands, the archiving and ILM (Information Lifecycle Management) topics are becoming more and more important. For technical and economic reason, when you switch to SAP® HANA database, it is really essential to reduce the database volume by archiving before migrating.

With Christof Cölsch, an expert in SAP® data and document archiving, the management of nexQuent Savento GmbH has extensive knowledge which has developed in many archiving projects over a period of 10 years. Thus, many successful projects at large, well-known and international corporations as well as medium-sized companies based on technical but pragmatical solutions have been completed by Savento e.K. – predecessor company of nexQuent Savento GmbH.


According to the nexQuent group’s credo „Integration of expertise and consulting with efficient own solutions“, several software tools have been developed over time which have been in use by our customers for many years now.

For example, with the expert tool DBinsight nexQuent Savento is able to perform a detailed database analysis of SAP® ERP systems within one day and then presenting the results as well as recommendations of data reduction measures. With the Migration Suite, archiving migrations can be implemented in an easy, safe and audit-compliant way. The Savento Transporter is the perfect tool to flexibly import any documents in SAP® and to link them with SAP® records via ArchiveLink as well as in SAP® DVS (Dokumentenverwaltungssystem). In many cases an expensive scan solution can be replaced cost-effectively with the Savento Transporter.


Last but not least the Savento Tower is an ABAP solution for automated documentation of archiving sessions. Every essential and technical settings on the date of data archiving sessions as well as their version contents (selections), the joblog or the spool result are automatically filed in compressed form and a printable HTML document is generated at the touch of a button.

Besides the consulting and project implementation in the archiving environment, the development of useful and cost-effective archiving tools as well as customized archiving solutions are pushed forward by nexQuent Savento.

The nexQuent Savento helps meeting the challenges of tomorrow’s SAP operation by synergies within the nexQuent’s group of companies and the mutual impulses with lean and efficient solutions.

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