nexQuent GmbH


nexQuent GmbH, formerly HONICO Consulting and Management Consulting GmbH, has successfully done business in the field of SAP® Product Development and Distribution, as well as in product and solution-related consulting, since 2008.

In addition to DSR – Dynamic Security Recording – as a standardized SAP®-certified and market-recognized product in the field of SAP® authorization analysis/compliance, further solution-oriented SAP® add-ons were developed.

In 2012, the product and service range of nexQuent GmbH around the field of SAP® Mobility/UI/UX was extended, leading to the development and marketing of cross-device compatible applications that are some of the other achievements of nexQuent.

In the context of application development, we use SAPUI5, as recommended SAP® standard, and Neptune Software with their Neptune DX-platform.

Our experience in software, app and product development taught us to always put the process and transparency first, in our customer projects as well. So we use tools for the analysis and design process (mock up phase), as well as for project management and give customers appropriate access (brought Tool use: SaaS = Software as a Service).

Years of experience in the user environment have sharpened our focus on the essentials, and UI|UX (user interface, user experience) are not only empty slogans to us. A quick understanding of customer processes/environments and also the “understanding” of the user’s perspective and needs are our guarantee for efficient and economical solutions.

The combination of technical knowledge and understanding, along with “commercial thinking”, creates the added value for you.

Check out our products and our development process for yourself.