nexQuent Consulting GmbH


As a cross-industry SAP® consulting firm, we, nexQuent Consulting GmbH, will establish, optimize and automate your SAP® services in your business efficiently, individually and sustainably. You free-up time for innovation and entrepreneurial task by a process-optimized and homogeneous SAP® basis architecture.

What sets us apart from the competition?

Quite simply – we are not  “Body leasers” who sell their advisers at a very high hourly rate to toil for hours on dull lists or carry out machine work … To the contrary!

We aim at a future-oriented operation, safe for SAP®, which is sustainable and economical and will actually add real value.

We achieve this focusing on process analysis/optimization in connection with the selection and also creating relevant tools and applications (Apps) ourselves and introducing and providing the necessary services (onsite, remote).

Technological Supervision: We live with it and will show you trends, technologies, as well as right and wrong ways, so that you will be safe in operation.

In combination with our back-office support, as a shared managed service solution, we offer customized and flexible assistance to accomplish your daily business successfully and economically.

Welcome to the next Level of Consulting!