Neptune price increase as of 01.01.2023

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Dear customers, partners and friends of our company,

As certainly known and possibly also read, we have celebrated our 10th anniversary as software solution and integration partner of Neptune Software this year. Many of our customers have gone the “Neptune way” with us since the very beginning and have been using the Neptune DXP for more than 9 years in some cases. They can and will confirm that a lot has happened since the early years – back then the product was still called NAD – Neptune Application Development. Neptune is now a well-known and global player in the market of “Low-Code” or “Multiexperience Development Platforms”. With many new functions and especially the new strategic partnerships (Microsoft, IONIC) Neptune prepares the way for the technical transformation of the holistic IT Landscape.

The current market trends are also taken into account, namely
  • the need for “industrialization of application development
  • the high expectations of customers and employees, also with regard to company-internal and company-wide processes and interfaces
  • the inclusion of no-code developers and approaches
  • the openness to and integrability of a wide variety of systems, platforms and architectures.

Within the Neptune DXP, the SAP Edition still stands for the only 100% SAP-integrated and fastest development platform with a consistent low-code approach. Together with the Open Edition and the API-based approach, Neptune DXP is thus an indispensable platform for the path towards hybrid system landscapes and correspondingly integrative applications and their operation. Of course, also for us – as a partner of Neptune – a price increase is always not an easy matter, because at the beginning it is always a possible obstacle if something becomes more expensive. But if we consider what the Neptune DXP stands for in the meantime and what is possible with it, it is still a solution that can be classified as inexpensive in the market comparison. As always in life, it depends on what you do with it.

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On 01.01.2023 Neptune Software will increase the prices. So order until 12.12.2022 at the latest at the previous conditions and secure a significant price advantage.
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