Corona – The Crisis as Opportunity/Challenge

We experience all of these days as challenging situations from an entrepreneurial point of view and are confronted with unprecedented challenges – also in terms of technology. Many people work from home with hardware and infrastructure that is sometimes not designed for this purpose. We personally know many cases where

  • the domestic network goes down to its knees when working with the SAP system in the company via a VPN connection
  • records, documents cannot be accessed, e.g. to create or edit a user request
  • user locks cannot be removed
  • complete screen processes cannot be displayed at all by the home or private computer (WebDynpro problem with special browsers) and extensive, efficient editing of core processes is simply not possible.

These days, many IT managers will say to themselves: “If only we had dealt with this earlier”. Wouldn’t it be great,

  • to now have an app with which I can, for example, complete customer/delivery orders from my home tablet PC or even with my smartphone and which, above all, also works securely with my “narrow” private Internet connection
  • the user and authorization administration and user/authorization releases – no matter on which end device – can also be done from home
  • to have a self-service with which I can easily unlock myself as a user, change my telephone number to the home number etc.

We all don’t know how long this “shutdown” will last and everyone is losing an incredible amount of money (economically/economically) every day.

But let’s look at it the other way round and see this crisis as a warning and an opportunity. The reminder to take action and the chance to now – with a sense of proportion and emphasis on speed and efficiency – introduce solutions that will bring the necessary “digitalisation” lean and fast. And we should have learned from this crisis that “digitization” is not just a buzzword, but a must if we want to be competitive and future-proof.

We have the appropriate (software) solutions and concepts. Talk to us now and be prepared for the time, also and especially after Corona.

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